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it was anything but a normal day in the testimony of the phone hacking in london but what did rupert murdoch actually say? they were directing airplanes to land while drunk. how he chan get his job back. imagine if you underwent hypnosis to help you lose weight. we checked in with a local woman to see if it's working. all new at 5:30, franken fish, snake fish, it's moving north no m a group of biologists pulled one of the ugly toothy critters from a pond in anne arundel last week. jamie's back with this awful discovery. >> stand away this far from your screen here. we're used to rock and perch,
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bass, but snake head started in 2002 when a fisherman pulled one out of a found crofton. they pulled this snake head out of the water. it's 23 inches long. it's egg bearing an a -- and a female the group thought the salt water would keep the snake fish in the potomac but they believe runoff may have lowered the sal lynn ti levels, allowing the snake head to travel north. >> we thought it might be a car or catfish. that's not a carp. that's a snake head fish. >> it has distinct markings and cryptic colorations. i immediately figured out what it was. >> these fish are a big nuisance because they have no natural predators and could hurt the
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population of the native fish. this is south of the south river which pours into the bai. dnr officials are so concerned about the snake head spreading that they have put a bounty on the fish. from now until the end of the year if you catch one and report it to the dnr, you could win a prize or two. weather wise it's been interesting. we've had showers and storms, one moving into emmetsberg weakening right where it meets up with carroll county and hagerstown, a more significant storm. you're traveling well west. you may run into that one. other than that showerings -- showers and probably rain in that direction also in southern anne arundel towards deal, south of shadyside.
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one renegade storm. the story has been heat, humidity north of 100 in frederic, d.c., still scattered storms. we'll talk about the excessive heat. that's coming up. let's take a look at tonight's top stories. a baltimore city police officer faces federal drug charges tonight. officer daniel redd just made an initial court appearance. he was the mastermind behind a large heroin ring operating in baltimore. prosecutors say he would even distribute heroin while wearing his uniform. he faces life if convicted. people living in new windsor are trying to figure out how they will pay for their water and sewer bills. the city is replacing the hold system with a new one.
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a loan covered the nearly $5 million bill. now the town has to come up with almost $200,000 a year to pay this back. that means residents are seeing their bill jump from $59 every month to $320 each month. >> baltimore mayor yal candidate raleigh unveiled his plan. one would impose a $1 tax on each bullet purchased. the other would reduce the charge on marijuana to a sum a pri offense. that means this would be easier to buy marijuana than bullets in baltimore city. >> atlantis -- for the last time. >> the u.s. space shuttle undocked from the international space station. the shut many atlantis --
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shuttle atlantis crew woke up to the song "don't panic" by cold play. seems like more potential problems in an air traffic controller tower. they're under -- the faa did a random test on his shift july 5th. the faa said the veteran controller had a blood alcohol level exceeding thely. he wassen the choice to -- was given the choice to resign or rehab. he chose rehab. well, pope benedict has accept the resignation of the archbishop of philadelphia. cardinal rigali's resignation after failing to report sexual
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abuse by priests. the priests face charges of raping boys in their care. well today for the first time rupert murdoch spoke about the phone hacking scandal involving his company. both he and his son james said they weren't aware it was happening. before a british parliament committee, everything was calm with one notable exception. >> reporter: it was about two hours into the hearing when a man, apparently carrying a shaving cream pie stormed ruche rurchtion calling him a greedy billionaire. murdoch was shaken but okay. it was the point of highest
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drama. both murdoch and his son james apologized for the phone hacking scandal that's threatening the core of their company. >> these actions do not live up to the standards. >> reporter: news corporations have been reeling for two weeks. that was after allegation the employees illegally hacked into the voice mails of celeb trite -- celebrities, and victims. murdoch said he's seen no evidence 9/11 victims in the u.s. had their voice mail hacked. the one who ran the paper until four days ago also said she was sorry, but the scandal will not end with his hearing in parliament. there's also a criminal probe.
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the u.s. justice department will also investigate to see if there was -- were bribes paid to british police. one woman tried hypnosis. is it work ?g and why her family decided to recommend it to others. now on to plan b. that's what the republicans are saying about the looming debt crisis as the clock continues to tick. plus, get books at borders while you can. the latest as the former bookstore giant gets ready to liquidate.
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a consumer alert tonight. bank of america post add new $9 billion loss in the second quarter this year. it's being blamed on a mort security settlement. they post add $14 1/2 billion loss in the last quarter. it became the nation's biggest when the bank acquired countrywide in 2008. and borders bookstore will officially close its doors, the
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second largest chain says it plans to start closing the remaining 400 stores as early as friday after the company was no longer to find a buyer. anyone one with a borders gift card is urged to cash it in now. the shutdown means nearly 11,000 workers will soon be out of a job. well, the latest on the debt crisis in the effort to get a deal to raise the federal debt limit. the debt clock continues to run out. small groups of lawmakers are working to prevent the government from going into default by coming up with a plan b. without -- house republicans are planning to vote on a bill called cut, cap and balance. >> he gets his increase in the debt limit of $2.4 trillion.
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what we get are real cuts in spending and real reforms in place that will make sure that this problem never, ever happens again. >> president obama has already promised to veto that bill. please work it out, guys. well, fast moving rain isn't uncommon in these hot summer months but it's not that off the than you see sludge from the driver's point of view. more on this flooding. people freak out at the word hypnosis. they think it's something weird, something crazy. >> hypnosis to lose weight. we visit a woman who's trying it. is if working? ♪
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[ thinking ]he best, another pet name?les. all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. a few months ago we told you
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about a medical miracle, weight loss without going under a knife. a local woman has had huge success in the months since she had this surgery. we have more on the way she's lost and the surprising decision the family has made to pass along the technique to others. >> when we last saw sandra lambert, she was being lulled to sleep. nearly seven months later she said she had an awakening. >> it's been awesome. >> reporter: what's awesome is the transformation sandra is experiencing after undergoing gastric band surgery without entering a hospital. the procedure was in her mind, performed by a hypnotist. >> people freak out at hypnosis. they think it's weird. >> reporter: she embrace t.d she's down 42-pound and lost 32
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inches from her chest and waste. sandra is still going through pseudosurgery sessions although the person whispering in her here has a closer connection. >> he's a master hypnotist. >> reporter: they believe in it so much he got certified to do it for others, something an dray hopes to do. >> this will be our retirement career. >> reporter: something that's symbolized in a ring larry bought that's too big. >> he slipped this red wing on my hand, so my wedding ring is as i've been able to see my progress but he put the ring on my hand to anchor it with the promise of tomorrow. >> reporter: the understanding they've gained. reporting for abc2 news. >> sandra says there's been no
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radical change that ramped it. she exercises and eats healthy but credits hypnosis for making the mind-body connection to help her shed pounds. you can learn more at you can see all the different methods. you find it at pretty heavy rain on i-70 west, big storm south of hagerstown. this is west of frederick. we're tracking more significant storms in far western maryland. down here in southern anne arundel towards deal, southern tip of recount recount -- anne arundel south of shadyside. there are storms towards the beaches. that will be the chance for hit and mills storms overnight.
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the other story will be the heat and the bad air quality that comes with that. this not so much for tomorrow. we'll be back in the mid-90s, which is still hot but the excessive heat, 100-degree plus weather likely thursday, friday, even saturday. so we clan be in for three days of extreme heat and already for tomorrow. i'm sure this will be like lit next three to four days, code orange air quality alert. bad air quality especially in the peak heating for all of maryland except the far western terrain. 82 degrees if the wake of the showers. humidity at 80%. winds a shifted slightly northwest. through the day we saw the hot hazy conditions giving way to storms. boy, in was -- it was murky. it was that hazy, hot hazy almost polluted sunshine. a little bit of late day
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clearing towards mt. airy. highs running in the mid-90s except deep creek lake where they were stuck in the upper 70s. the big heat is on its way. that heat index value, which previously dropped as the storms came through, now bouncing back up, feeling like 93 down there and 104 in d.c. it. is hot in the nation's capital. you see the scattered storm activity. the east coast, in general, is relatively quiet, but is a hot humid pattern that's set up as one of those that you get heat driven afternoon storms. likely, we'll see that by the middle part of the weekend. the next couple of days high pressure will move in. it's a tropical high. s that comes in, it will not cool us off. it will heat itself up. we're talking about extreme heat
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thursday, friday, even saturday. the humidity levels are already sky high. new orleans style humidity i like to call it. a real steamer tonight and the next several nights. looks like hit or miss showers or storms. tomorrow looks relatively dry. thursday looks dry and extremely hot with a few storms south, tropical storm bret looks to stay well offshore. tonight 76, up to 94. that's going to be the coolest day for awhile, how's that? skies clearing. it will be hazy, very humid. ac. the air conditioner will get a workout. we'll crank it thursday, friday, saturday as temperatures will be hovering around 100 degrees. stay hydrated. >> thanks a lot. a fast moving storm dumped several inches of rain in pittsburgh flooding several streets. that resulted in cars being swamped. one person caught the entire
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thing on camera. fast moving water surrounding cars and trucks. this is cell phone video from one of the drivers stranded in the roadway turned waterway. >> i looked in my rear view mirror. it was a torrent of water that came toward us. then my car spun. >> reporter: maria sullivan shows us how high the car was. that quickly dumped heavy rain. it flowed in from surrounding hillsides and overwhelmed storm drains and main hole covers. >> scary. i've never been through anything like that. >> reporter: you can see one man abandoned his vehicle. doug was among a dozen drivers as well as police officers whose cars stalled out. you could see the debris that connected underneath. >> stuck in traffic trying to drive and everything became a standstill. >> reporter: tow trucks
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eventually arrived to pull the cars off the road. when the water came down, you can see even the pavement buckled from the massive amounts of water. >> the person in front of me above the bumper. it started filling the car up. >> drivers said they didn't know if it was safer to stay in their cars or get out. >> a little nervous at first but then i was nine. once i realized the water wasn't going to sweep me lay way, then i real -- away, then i realized i was fine. >> despite dangerous situation, nobody was injured. he taught music to young people for nearly 40 years. tonight friends and family try to cope with the loss of a very talented teacher killed by a driver in a stolen car. and a dangerous disstrax.
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♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. world ?rail racing championships took place in england over the weekend. 120 snails vied for the town. for 30 years, the village hosted the championship. zoomer was the winner who blazed -- i don't know if blazed is the right word. his time was well outside the record. that's got to be a slow moving competition. well this was a big birthday
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for a big girmt mag git orangutan is celebrating. maggie got a cake made out of cake, sweet potatoes, presents and a card. she was shy but eventually showed her face. there are only four other open range tain -- orangutans of maggie's type. her boyfriend is only 20 years old. well, in the weather it's hot and stick yism the foods that you may love may not seem as appetizing. coming up, we have the best foods to help you beat the heat. that's on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. a baltimore city police officer faces life in prison after allegedly running a heroin ring. i'm brian kuebler with a live

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